About Us

Books4tots had it’s humble beginnings in March 2019, when it started out as an Instagram page. Hundreds of books and many satisfied buyers later, we thought it was time to have a website as well, so that it’s easier for you to browse through the books, both in-stock and for pre-orders. We do all the inconvenient things that busy parents have little time to do - source the best books, find the best publishers, do the orders, and arrange the deliveries - so all you have to do is click... and soon enough, read with your dear child!

Books4tots is dedicated to bring you the most interactive and engaging books to your child. The best books handpicked by a fellow mother, and as reviewed by many other parents!

Why choose Books4tots? Apart from our extremely competitive prices, we also offer an excellent range of Mandarin books for your child to pick up this beautiful language early. Bilingualism has been proven to help your child achieve better academic results, have a stronger sense of identity and belonging, and an appreciation for diversity.

Of course, to reap all these benefits, you’ve got to start right, starting with the right books. So start here, with Books4tots. :)