[PO] 欢乐学习看图说词
[PO] 欢乐学习看图说词
[PO] 欢乐学习看图说词

[PO] 欢乐学习看图说词

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Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition) is written based on Ministry of Education, Singapore latest syllabus (2015) and specially created for lower primary pupils as a reference book to learn the Chinese language in a fun way. 

  • Inclusive of vocabulary from the latest 2015 Chinese Language Textbook for Primary Schools
  • Contextualised learning of vocabulary from 78 familiar daily-life settings
  • About 1000 commonly used nouns with linking of appropriate measure words, collective nouns, verbs, to extend learning
  • Accompanying mobile application (Android & iOs platforms) makes learning intuitive – listening to audio playbacks and learning verbs through animation
  • Corresponding Hanyu Pinyin and English translation for all nouns featured
  • English-Chinese index provided at the end of the book