Animal Teams

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This non-fiction children’s book explains how animals work together to survive and thrive in the wild. It teaches children how important teamwork is, no matter how big or small a creature you are.

Discover why teamwork is so important for different groups of animals in the wild. Inside this animal book for children, you’ll find:

   • A stunning picture book that introduces children to a range of different animal groups, including a pack of wolves, flock of birds and school of fish
   • A range of habitats, including mountains, coral reefs and the Amazon rainforest
   • Stunning illustrations by award-winning author and illustrator Charlotte Milner, who wrote and illustrated The Bee Book series 
   • Engaging text introduces children to different types of animal groups and how they work together in the wild

Have you ever asked why birds swoop and soar in a flock? Or wondered where an army of ants is marching? This beautiful animal book takes young readers through a range of habitats, from snowy mountains to colorful coral reefs, to discover different groups of animals and how they work together to survive in their environments.  


Suitable for 5-7 yo