Awesome Women Series: Boldness (dented)

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Leaders: Boldness box set features three board books to inspire young readers to be anything they want to be. Each story pays tribute to an awesome female role model by recounting her struggles and challenges, and detailing her success.
Young readers will also learn interesting nuggets about each leader, such as the fact that Angela Merkel was once asked to be an informant for the East German State, that Halimah Yacob was almost expelled from school when she was young, and that Hillary Clinton aspired to be a NASA astronaut and a US marine, but was rejected by both institutions because she was female.

Awesome Women Series aim to inspire the young generation of important character traits such as courage, strength, resilience, perseverance and diligence. 

The Illustrator: Kristen Kiong is a Singapore-based illustrator and calligrapher with a heart for meaningful projects. She is also the illustrator of another children’s picture book, I’ll Love You Anyway.

The Authors: Priscilla and Shawn Tan

Priscilla and Shawn Tan are proud parents of a three-year-old girl nicknamed Monmon. When they failed to find books that would inspire Monmon to be anything she wanted to be, they decided to write it themselves and the Awesome Women series was born.

Suitable for 1-4 yo